Cuenca English Catholic Masses on Sundays

Looking for an English Catholic mass on Sundays in Cuenca, Ecuador?
Look no further we will soon have regular Sunday masses at 10 AM at Parroquia San Francisco with the return of Fr. Kevin Codd, a retired priest from Spokane, Washington who did English masses for 5 months last year.

Beginning on Sunday, January 15, we will be celebrating a bilingual Mass presided over by Fr. Jorge Moreno and Fr. Kevin and the Ecuadorian community at Parroquia San Francisco at 11 AM.

Beginning the following Sunday, January 22, Fr. Kevin will begin celebrating English-Language Masses each Sunday at 10 AM.

On behalf of the Cuenca English Mass/Expats Catholic Community of Cuenca EC I invite you all and celebrate the Holy Eucharist with us on Sundays.
Thank you!

Sunday January 22, 2022 10 AM, Free,

Padre Aguirre and Presidente Cordova

Don Camero Foronda: +1 713 594 2171 WhatsApp or 099 311 9340

City: Cuenca