Recommendation for Mateo Zalamea, attorney at Guerrero & Astudillo

I first went to see Mateo about some questions I had regarding changes in the renewal of my rental contract.

He patiently answered all my questions and nimbly answered all my hypotheticals.

He thoroughly and completely explained all my options and, after some discussion and coaching, we agreed that the least aggressive posture would be for me to write a letter to the landlords and explain my concerns and see how they would respond.

Their response ‘appeared’ to be everything I hoped it would be, and although my Spanish is excellent, I was concerned I might have missed some nuance, so I forwarded this all to Mateo to get his legal take.

He promptly responded that it was “perfect” and has followed up with me several times to make sure everything is okay.

His English is perfect and his kindness and patience put me completely at ease–for all of that I cannot recommend him more highly for any of your legal needs.

Address: Edificio Acropolis 6th floor

Contact information: 099 571 1738

Recommended by Marta Avalle Arce:

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