Google Fi International Phone Plan

I wanted to inform the community here that in my opinion Google Fi is not a good option for international phone service if you are going to be outside of the US for an extended period of time. My original plan was to use GoogleFi as my one and only phone as I read that people have used it successfully in Cuenca for long periods of time with the unlimited text and data international plan. At $76/month it was a little pricey but achieved everything that I needed. It would also work when I traveled to other countries.

I moved to Cuenca in June, 2022, and returned to US for 3 months in mid-August for my work. I returned in Mid-November and just received an email on January 7 from Google Fi saying they are terminating my international roaming plan as it is to be primarily used in the US and they see that I have been outside of the US for extended periods of time.

My 2nd reason for this post is to get advice for a solution. I use an iPhone X, want to keep using that phone and would also like to keep my US phone number. I almost never make international phone calls as I use WhatsApp for most everything. I do use regular texting with Google Fi with some friends and family in the US that aren’t open to the idea of using WhatsApp. I also travel to other countries and would like to have a phone plan that would work when I travel outside of Ecuador AND outside of the US. I assume I will need to go with multiple carriers and possibly multiple phones in order to achieve what I had with Google Fi.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have. Perhaps there is an IT or phone expert that can also help set everything up for me?


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