Dear donor/volunteer, thank you for making 35 Christmas meals possible

Thank you to those that made this campaign possible!

Fulfilling our promises of honesty and transparency we want to tell you the details and costs of the organization:

– We started with a fundraising campaign to be able to celebrate the 35 families that participate in the Foundation’s programs, requesting $30 – to sponsor each family.
Thanks to the generosity of 15 donors, we were able to raise $1,148. Final amount received with transfer fee’s deducted: $1,074.
We prepared gifts for 64 children, from 0 to 14 years old, with toys, clothes and shoes that we had patiently collected throughout the year.

We also had the collaboration of:
– a company that donated personal hygiene items for each family (8 products per family), to this kit we added an anonymous donation of cosmetics for all mothers, and soap.
– a Cuenca family provided 35 Christmas bags of food and candy for 64 children.
– At the Food Bank of the Archdiocese of Cuenca, who supports us month after month with food, we made an extra purchase at a lower price and in this way, we managed to have 342 pounds of meat and cheese products to distribute among the 35 families.
– An anonymous donor donated the boxes needed to place the donations for each family.
– A generous woman from Cuenca donated 55 pairs of shoes for children, and blouses and jeans for teenagers. All new and unused.
– We received chocolates, candies, and sweets to make goody bags for 64 children.

Fundacion Nur used the funds raised to purchase food to cover 35 baskets with basic items plus those necessary for a Christmas dinner. Each item in the basket was chosen with love and thought to ensure a dignified dinner for the families, because human dignity is a value of each person, and at Fundación Núr we always encourage our beneficiaries to respect themselves and value themselves, while they are respected and valued at the same time.

It is once again demonstrated that, thanks to the generosity of countless people, Fundación Núr can be proud to show the multiplying power it has with each donation received, and proud to be able to give clear and transparent accounts of its actions, generally carried out in silence.

As always, not a single penny was received by anyone in fees or salaries. There was $37.28 left over, which will be used for the next biweekly food purchase.

Every family had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas! Thank you!

Contact us if you want to support or learn more about Fundacion Nur.

Nela Navarrine: +593 97 937 8786. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

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