Day trip with the Hogar

Join us on a cultural trip exploring the Cañarian culture in the Sigsig area on Tuesday, January 10th. You will have a unique experience led by an English-speaking local guide.

We meet 8:30AM at the foundation for breakfast. We will then go to the Chobshi museum, which is dedicated to things found in the local area. Some Cañarian, some Incan, some things more modern. We will then have a Pachamanca Lunch at Posada Chobshi. You will enjoy a traditional lunch in this beautiful location in the Incan method of cooking underground in clay pots. Entertainment by indigenous musician Byran Samaniego.

You will explore the ancient Cañari ruins, the black cave that is believed to be the original settlement 10,000 years ago, walk the ancient trails and suspected battle grounds. Maybe you can answer the question why is this place is so often struck by lightning? Some of the women who make hats will show you their work from a very different perspective from what you will find at the museums and you will be treated to some locally made artisanal beer. All costs are included.

For more information: or email,

Kris Andreatta: 09 094 7611. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca
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