2023 Ecuadorian Holidays, complete list

Here, you can find the complete list of Ecuadorian holidays, the national and official ones, for 2023:

Also, each province and towns in Ecuador, have their own holidays, example:

Loja province, besides the official and national ones, we have the following ones:

August 20th, the Virgen del Cisne pilgrimage arrives into Loja city, with big crowds and lack of public transportation.

September 8th, celebration of the Virgen María day and is a Loja city holiday-free day.

November 18th, Loja independence day, free day on the 17th, friday.

December 8th, Loja foundation, but is a very local and formal celebration into the Loja Municipality, but, this year, Loja will elect a new Mayor and maybe this will change.

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