‘A Simple Box of Food’ says thank you

Well, you did it!

You all helped us to make so many people happy, hopeful, and amazed this Christmas.

With your generosity we were able to not only reach our goal of raising $3,500, but to well surpass it, bringing in $5,235!!

This meant we were able to give out 100 ‘Simple Boxes of Food’ and 90 Kids Boxes (with big bags of animal crackers and candies, coloring/reading books, and even colored pencils with pencil sharpeners)!

It was a long day of deliveries all over the Yunguilla Valley (until 7:30 at night on Christmas Eve Day), and an early morning on Christmas Day to drop off the last of them. Thankfully, with the help of friends, we got it done!

Now, let’s get down to what really matters.

‘A Simple Box of Food’ fed hundreds of people on Christmas Day throughout the valley. We were even able to bring some Simple Food Boxes and Kids Boxes to a local orphanage that has 30 residents.

Of the money collected, we spent $5,213.64 on food and Kids boxes, and $20 in gas for the two delivery vehicles. Leaving us a little over a dollar to carry forward. In other words, we made use of everything you donated!

The additional money above our original goal helped us to buy extra food above and beyond what were in the Canasta boxes. This food will help these families to eat for at least another 5 to 7 days.

With that said, we want to give you our sincere thanks for helping us to help them all. I’m going to leave you with something that was sent to us by a man who is sort of the spokesperson for the disadvantaged people in our part of the valley. He is not usually one to offer praise. This goes out to all of you who gave from your hearts.

“Gracias infinitas.por su buena buenísima ser humano regalando alegría y dibujando en los niños una esperanza de bondad y generosidad. Los pueblos fueran mejores si todos hubieran esa entrega como la de usted.”

This roughly translates to:

“Thank you infinitely for your good, very good human being, giving joy and drawing hope of kindness and generosity in children. The towns would be better if they all had that dedication like yours.”

One of the locals who received a Simple Box of Food, who we had never met before, later told this man, “Ángeles caídos del Cielo,” or “Angels dropped from the sky.”

You all did this. You are the Angels she spoke of.

So, smile at that and be happy that you were part of giving here in the Yunguilla Valley!

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Michael: AnewleaseinCuenca@gmail.com .

City: Yunguilla
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