Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Dear friends,

Every Christmas we face the challenge of raising funds for women and children to receive a special gift for Christmas. Once again, the Christmas miracle has become a reality thanks to each of you! Your donations totaled $7,500.

Women and children survivors of violence see in Christmas a new hope, the dream that another life without violence is possible. That is why we appreciate your donations. Many of them for the first time have a beautiful toy, brand new shoes, use a special perfume and cream, have a small speaker and headphones to listen to their favorite music. We have also been using your generous donations so that we can provide a food ration for them to have a special dinner this Christmas.

We have focused each of your donations so that women, boys and girls receive very special gifts, so that their minds and hearts return to this beautiful memory every time life is difficult. We have not left anyone out. Many of the women have moved cities for safety or to start a new beginning. They have also been considered. We have sent the gifts, food for dinner and more! The women and their children know that they are not alone. Although these dates may bring some bad memories, we are also planting new memories of hope and joy thanks to each one of you.

When Christmas arrives, close your eyes and remember that in Cuenca and all over Ecuador there are hundreds of women, boys and girls being happy thanks to your commitment and generosity.

Thank you friends, a thousand times!

Dianita Vazquez Bravo: .

City: Cuenca