The essential cocktail recipe: Americano

Cocktails, mocktails, or juices anyone?

“The Essential Cocktail” features essential oil-infused drink recipes to give your healthy (or party!) side a whole new level of therapeutic fun.

Today’s recipe: Americano

Why We Love this Cocktail:

Refreshing. Bitter. Sweet. All at the same time. This delightful aperitif is perfect before any meal. And thanks to the spunky addition of Cinnamon and Tangerine essential oils, it’s also a drink that lets you be dance in style with healthy blood sugar levels.

Time to make
3 minutes

Serves 2


• 3 oz Campari
• 3 oz Sweet Vermouth
• 6 oz Soda Water
• 1 drop Tangerine
• 1 toothpick Cinnamon Essential Oil
• Orange Zest to garnish


Pour liquor into a glass with ice and top off with soda water. Add essential oils and stir.
Garnish with a twisted orange zest.
When to Enjoy
Enjoy your Americano on a hot summer evening. The subtle tease of Cinnamon with the burst of Wild Orange are the perfect complement to a summer sunset.

Therapeutic Benefits

Tangerine Essential Oil brings an energy of childlike playfulness.
It contains one of the highest Limonene contents of the citrus oils (80-99%), which provides its energizing and vitalizing effects.
Cinnamon Essential Oil is a sultry, seductive aroma with a reputation for enticing intimacy.
It helps fight cold and flu bugs with the immunostimulant Eugenol (1-10%). It also contains the constituent Cinnamaldehyde (45-80%), which has been shown to help balance blood sugar.
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