Thanks much to all who volunteered and donated

Grace (Give Refugees a Chance) provided presents to over 250 children of need thanks to the 5 volunteers who showed up with a last minute notice. We would also like to thank the many people who donated to help pay for gifts, food and clothing. All of you help is greatly appreciated, along with GringoPost for getting the word out.

Although the end of the year is near, the needs of young children, the elderly, pregnant women and others go on throughout the year. We would like to encourage everyone to look at becoming a monthly donor to one of the best NGO’s in Cuenca as determined by our recognition from from the international association who includes UNESCO and others. Should you decide to donate, you can rest assured that all of your money will go to helping people in need of help, as all ongoing operational expenses are covered by other supporters.
I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a great holiday season. Be safe and be happy.

Link for donations:
WhatsApp/Phone Number: +593 95 920 4786

Thanks again!
Karla Sánchez Arismendi
Executive Director of Fundación GRACE, Ecuador
Steve Chasson
President of Grace, a 501c3

Steve Chasson

City: Cuenca