Our last tasting menu of the year

Throughout this whole year, we have traveled around the world through our tasting menus and as we approach the end of the year we are excited to select our favorite 7 dishes from our previous menus (plus a snack); all for the price of $25.

We’ll feature:

Sourdough and coconut butter [snack]
Mexican Gordita
Mediterranean White Bean Soup
Minced Pork
Crunchy Cauliflower
Honey Walnut Shrimp
Vegetarian Lasagna
Three Delicious Mistakes: Key Lime Pie, Tiramisu & Brownie.

Don’t miss this gastronomic experience.

Book by calling 099 806 8071.
We are located at Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta.

Mariscal Lamar 22-23 y Luis Pauta

099 806 8071

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