Looking for a female photo buddy

Before you spam me with your comments, allow me to explain.

Street photography for a man is not easy. A single woman walking the streets with a camera is likely to generate some very positive reactions from the people she meets. If she wants to photograph other women or children, they are usually happy to oblige. If she wants to photography a man, they don’t view her as a threat and usually allow it. However, any man that has traveled extensively with a camera in his hand knows all too well that street photography as a lone male often creates some uncomfortable situations. At best, people will avoid you. At worst, you snap a photo of a woman and that results in a confrontation with an angry husband or brother.

Forget taking a picture of anyone under the age of about 15 which in many countries could result in the involvement of the local constabulary. Add a woman to the mix and suddenly all is well. Even in cultures not really comfortable with photography (e.g. Morocco) a woman shooting with a man creates a whole different dynamic. Thus, I have learned that shooting with another photographer who happens to be female can prevent altercations and create opportunities that would not otherwise exist.

When I was still living in the US and getting ready to head overseas, I would call upon female photographers I knew, or often I would spent months finding someone to go with me. Now that I am in Ecuador, I don’t have anyone to call upon. Thus, my post here.

To the woman that might be interested…

I am not looking for a GWAC (gal with a camera). I prefer someone who is really interested in photography…perhaps a serious amateur or budding professional. Over the next year, I plan to travel extensively around South America. I am planning a month in the Galapagos, a trip to Columbia, and even looking at the possibility of a motorcycle trip from Cuenca to Patagonia in the fall of next year. I like staying in 5-star hotels as much as anyone, but very seldom do I. I prefer a more immersive experience and think it results in my taking better photos. It would be great if your Spanish was better than mine, but I am working on it. I don’t care what camera equipment you use, but if you are a Canon shooter, we could share lenses and that makes for lighter bags. You would need to be physically fit. I am exploring some remote photo opportunities in the mountains and the Amazon that could require some hiking, paddling, and long backpack carries.

If you think this is something that might interest you, please post a comment here of contact me via WhatsApp or email.

US – +1 425 269 6466
EC – 098 135 0240

nathan@omgphoto.com or nathanlakern@gmail.com

Nathan Lake: nathan@omgphoto.com . Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

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