Give the children the magic of Christmas

We have received some very generous donations. Thank you so much 

It is said that children can see magic because they look for it. The migrant/refugee children of Cuenca did not come here because they chose to come, they came mainly with their parents or parent who were fleeing a dangerous place, which had no hope of raising a child with food, shelter and education. Parents thought long and hard before risking the lives of their children and some did not make it. Regardless, the children who did make it had no choice, and since arriving have endured great hardships. Sometimes they have to beg, sometimes they have to go hungry, sometimes they are cold and sick. 

Grace (Give Refugees a Chance) has been providing services to refugees/migrants and other people of need for over three years. Our medical clinic provides free and low cost care to pregnant mothers, children, seniors and others, over 12,150 people so far. We have provided almost 6,800 meals and helped dozens of people find jobs, and many more with clothing and baby diapers. 

This year please help us help the children see the magic of Christmas, by making a small donation you can help a child receive a Christmas present and help them see the magic of Christmas. For each $10.00 donation we receive, we will put a Christmas ornament with you on our Giving Tree and provide a gift to a child, helping them see that there is magic in the world. For $25.00 you will provide three children with gifts. You may also pick up your ornament after Christmas. 

Grace is a legal NGO in Ecuador supported by a US 501c3 in the US, meaning donations are tax deductible. Foundacion Grace has been awarded for its service in Ecuador and the US 501c3 has a Platinum rating by Guidestar. You can be assured that your donation will be spent for your intended purpose. 

Thank you for donation and thanks for allowing the migrant children to be better able to see magic this Christmas. 

Karla Sanchez: . 

City: Cuenca

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