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Cédula process for foreigners, in Loja

Some good news, now, foreigners can request the ecuadorian ID card, cédula, here in Loja at the Registro Civil office, but, still, you need to bring the Cedula Order (Orden De Cedulación) from Azogues, Machala or any other Human Mobility office in Ecuador.
So, to do the Orden De Cedulacion, you have to put together:
– Original Passport
– Passport Copy
– Ecuadorian visa copy
– If you have a visa based on your retirement funds, a copy of the social security letter, apostilled… can be the last one you showed for the visa process, if your visa is based on an investor visa based on a property, an updated certificate from the PROPERTY REGISTRAR OFFICE or an updated copy from the Bank or Credit Union where you have your CD.
– Cedula order form, can be downloaded from here…/formulario-cedula… filled in computer and in upper cases

– Inmigration movement certificate from the Inmigration Police office
– NO need of health insurance, at least, the Azogues office not request the health insurance, not sure about other HUMAN MOBILITY offices, i do this process pretty often there.
– If you lost your cedula, first the DENUNCIA; the report to the authority, is free and here, fill the spaces, download and print.…/formulario.jsf
– If you want your civil status to be shown as Married, you have to show the Wedding Certificate, apostilled and translated.
– If you want to include the names of your father and mother, you have to show your birth certificate apostilled and translated.
If this will be your first Cédula, you have to send an scanned copy of the Cedula order to this email, write your name in the Subject and sin the body, include this information:
Nombre y Apellidos (Name and Last name):
Fecha emisión orden de cedulación: (Cédula order date)
Agencia de Loja (Loja office)
Teléfono: (your phone number)
Correo electrónico: your email address
If you are going to renew your cedula, then, you have to create your account into the REGISTRO CIVIL VIRTUAL, here…/login/registro.jsf (is like to create an email address) and follow the instructions to request the appt to renew your cedula. You will be able to choose the Registro Civil office of Loja, as the print screen below shows, and the time. Also, the white boxes are available appointments, and the rest of the days will be anable little by little, the blue ones. This print screen is the process I am doing for a client, i went to Azogues to request the CEDULA ORDER with all the documents, now, we are waiting for the day to create the appt, pay the 16.00 for the cedula in any Western Union office. Will continue posting about this process in the coming days.
Any questions
whatsapp-telegram 0993709519

ulises acosta: .

City: Loja

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