Train your brain to think in Spanish

Are you thinking in Spanish or are you stopping to translate everything through English first?

If you’re not sure, just look at the Spanish interactions that you’re having.

Are they slow, choppy and exhausting? If they are, then you’re still translating in your head.

Or, do your conversations flow naturally and seem effortless at times? If you answered yes to this question, then chances are you are thinking in Spanish!

In order to speak fluently, on any level (you can be fluent in one topic but not the next), you must be thinking in Spanish.

If that’s not the case for you right now, don’t worry. Just as you train your muscles at the gym to lift heavier weights, you can train your brain to perform heavier tasks, such as speaking another language effortlessly.

It’s not as easy as just learning new words for the same things.

But with the right help and guidance and the willingness to follow a proven step-by-step process, anyone can do it!

I have created a proven step-by-step process for learning to think in Spanish so you can have everyday conversations with ease and confidence.

This is a product of my own experience learning the language as an adult, as well as the past 11 years of my helping people learn languages.

If you follow the steps exactly as prescribed, you will begin to think in Spanish.

The question is… are you willing to do it?

If you are, felicidades. Congratulations!

This is the first step to achieving that level of effortless communication that you have been dreaming of.

The next step is to take action and make it happen.

Helping expats in (or moving to) Latin America to think in Spanish and have everyday conversations with ease is our expertise!

Learn more about our 12-week online bootcamp programs by scheduling a free consultation:

In our program you will…

– learn how to train your brain to think in Spanish

– get help to implement this information so you begin to see results right away

– build your confidence, pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency through conversation practice sessions with native speakers

– get 24/7 access to your bilingual Spanish coach, so you can ask anything you want and get an answer that makes sense to you, as an English speaker

– learn and receive guidance on how to create your own customized learning plan that will walk you directly towards your Spanish goals

We have limited spots available and will only be accepting applications until December 6th.

Visit our website and book your free strategy session today and get a head start to 2023.

Canoa, Ecuador


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