Black Friday 30% discount on dental implants

If you are in need of a dental Implant or 2 or 3, etc. This information will come in handy.

The manufacturer of the dental implants we use, which by the way; is the best brand of implants in the world, has offered us a 30% off “Black Friday,” one-day-only discount on the cost for the implants. So, we would like to share this special discount with our dear patients.

We are also throwing in the initial consult for free.

Plus, Dra Daniela’s office also gets a discount from the X-ray lab upstairs, so the MRI that you’ll need of your teeth will only cost $60, while everyone else gets charged $130 for the same.

This brings the cost of the implant — which includes the implant itself and the crown/associated hardware — down to $980.

The only catch is that you must make an appointment between now and this Friday to take advantage of the offer, and you also must pay for the implant no later than this Friday, the 25th, because we need that money to pay her supplier in order to get the discount.

I know that some dentists offer similar prices all the time, the difference is the implant itself. Cheap implants are used all over town, and dentists can (and do) buy them for dirt cheap. The implants we use are “NeoDent” by Straumann, which are considered the best implants in the world.

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