Relaxing massages

The benefits of a relaxing massage go beyond offering the body and mind a deep state of well-being. Although this technique promotes relaxation as the main objective, it stimulates a series of positive actions in the body that range from improving blood circulation to reducing typical discomforts such as headaches.

The relaxing massage has a series of benefits:
Helps reduce back and headache pain
Reduces our stress levels
Reduces blood pressure and improves circulation
Fight anxiety and depression
Promotes the elimination of toxins
Decreases muscle tension and promotes flexibility
Reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Indelible Spa has a team of professional experts trained to offer the best relaxing massages in Cuenca, with a duration of 1 hour at a cost of $40 plus $5 for transportation.

Yusmari Davila

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Yusmari Davila

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