Recommendation for Dra. Daniela Ordoñez, Dentist

I’ve been going to Dra. Daniela for close to 9 years, and have always been impressed with the exceptional quality of care. I’m 100% certain that she’s saved at least 4 teeth that US dentists would have extracted. Her prices are very reasonable, her English is flawless, and she’ll take good care of all your dental needs.

She recently did two implants for me, and I just found out that she’s offering a 30% off special on implants — but only until this Friday, the 25th. Her implant supplier is giving her a Black Friday special, but she has to order the implants on or before Friday, and so you’d also have to pay by the same time.

She only uses the best implants, and the quality of what’s offered locally varies widely (as do the prices). In any case, if you are considering getting an implant, this is the best time to do it! Call Dra. Daniela as soon as possible, as this is time-sensitive.

Address: Edificio Acropolis, José Peralta y 12 de Abril

Contact information: 099 166 6605

Recommended by Jeff Schinsky:
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