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Are you having difficulty getting the personal medical service you need from Cuenca’s IESS system? If so, you might do well to consider exploring Cuenca’s network of private physicians. I can assist you in finding the right doctors or medical specialists to fit your needs, and the prices are less than you might expect! Also, if you are already enrolled in IESS, I do recommend keeping it because IESS can be very useful in an emergency or if you require hospitalization.

I am Ecuadorian, lived in the US for ten years, have been serving the Cuenca expat community for eight years plus as a medical facilitator, and can help you find the right general practitioner or specialist for your specific needs. I can make appointments for you and accompany you to the first ones, if you wish.

So, please give me a call at 099 174 4740 or email me at . I am here to serve.


Diana Vera

099 174 4740
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