Recommendation for Diana Vera, medical facilitator

As those who are now enrolled in the IESS healthcare system may know, it is going through a challenging period at the moment – it happens every now and then – and it is difficult (or impossible) to get one-on-one appointments with your familiar IESS doctor(s). Of course, IESS is resilient and it will be ‘back on its feet’ in no time, I’m sure. So, don’t let your IESS coverage lapse, as it can still come in very handy if you have an emergency or some condition that requires hospitalization.

In the meantime, you might want to consider exploring Cuenca’s private healthcare network if you have not already. After a year or two under IESS care, I decided to switch to private care, and it has proven to be a very good decision indeed.

I contacted an experienced, Ecuadorian, English-speaking medical facilitator named Diana Vera to introduce me to private care doctors and, as a result, my health improved greatly over the following months. There are many excellent doctors here in Cuenca – from general practitioners to specialists – and quite a few of them speak good English. Almost every doctor I’ve been to charges a flat rate of only $40 for a one-hour exam and consultation! Of course, you have to pay for any prescription meds.

Diana is personable, energetic, reliable, and caring, and she knows both the IESS system and the local private care community. She can make appointments for you and will gladly accompany you to the first few appointments, if you wish. I thoroughly recommend her services, for which she charges a reasonable rate of $15 per hour.

My name is Stephen Johnson.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: diana81vera@icloud 099 174 4740

Recommended by Stephen Johnson: 099 181 0894

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