Spanish Classes for intermediate level in small group in November

If you’re an intermediate level speaker, chances are good that you have these problems:

1. Difficulty understanding native speakers
2. Translating in your head before you speak
Learning to speak Spanish is a wonderful adventure. And adventures shouldn’t stop!

So, if you’re stuck at the basic level don’t settle or decide to stay there. You’ve got places to go and things to learn!

If you want to improve and move beyond basic to intermediate, the key is to add solid resources to your program. And then you’ve just got to practice!
My courses will offer you an efficient and comfortable way to learn the language.

The Spanish intermediate level course will teach you Spanish skills such as…

-Understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar topics
-Deal with most situations likely to arise while travelling in a Spanish country
-Produce simple connected texts on topics that are familiar.

During your intermediate Spanish lessons, you will consolidate your knowledge about various verbs such as the past tense, as well as gain understating in new and complex grammatical subjects such as “el subjuntivo.”

This course will be the midway between being a beginner to a more advanced Spanish speaker.

The classes will be held in a fun, stress-free manner. The course will begin on Monday 21st of November 1:30 to 3 PM. three days a week. (Days will be determined for the students). Group of maximum 6 students. Total hours of the course: 18 hours ( first part )
Cost $100 Including handouts.
For more information, questions or Interviews feel free to contact me.

Estevez de Toral 13-31 y Vega Muñoz

Patricia Olivo
097 956 9065
WhatsApp +593 099 590 7240

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