Painful Joints? Relieve and prevent rheumatism and arthritis.

Take this chance to bring in a smooth and silky feeling to all parts of your body.
Silk Reeling is a practice within QiGong and Tai Chi that promotes nourishment and lubrication to all of your joints.

The gentle and spiraling movements of Silk Reeling brings both strength and flexibility to your muscles, tendons, fascia and joints.

In the practice, deep and mindful breathing will allow you to deal better with any pain that you might have in your body, as well as promote a sense of calm and relaxation in your mind.
This workshop will be beneficial for anyone who wants more flexibility and mobility to their body.

If you are experiencing stiffness or joint pain this practice will greatly support your body to heal and regain its suppleness.

Pampamisayoc student price:
$36/day or all three days for $95

Non-students price:
$39/day or all three days for $99

Limited seats, book three days in advance for a 10% discount.

Nov 22nd – 24th. 3:30-5:30 PM

17 – 51 Mariscal Lamar between Octavio Cordero and Miguel Heredia

Frida Strandberg Curtis: 098 545 2054

City: Cuenca

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