“Gastropod” podcast on coconuts

The folks at “Gastropod” do really good work, like their especially good 2-part series on coffee from back in March. This time around the topic is coconuts and it’s really fun as well as informative.

“All around the world, people who live alongside the coconut palm refer to it as the ‘tree of life,’ thanks to its ability to provide food, oil, fresh water, and the sturdy raw materials to build homes, clothes, and even musical instruments-all from one plant. This episode, Gastropod cracks open what makes coconuts so great, including their role as everything from a Presidential lifesaver to the missing ingredient in nuclear fusion.”

Title:”Trouble in Paradise: Coconut Water Wars and Coconut Oil Controversies”

URL: https://gastropod.com/trouble-in-paradise-coconut-water-wars-and-coconut-oil-controversies/

File size: 46.6 MB, runtime: 48:28

David Johns

City: Cuenca