Last and final chance for your Gobble King!

Last chance to order. Repeating the Gobble, Gobble, Gobble – only one more day to order the shining centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table. Don’t be fooled by any other turkey – King Smokehouse brings you the star of your feast. So, for any of you who missed our post here it is . . .
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble time.
Amigos, this is basically our ad from last week with changes to reflect the revised prices for our fabulous Turkey breasts. Due to the upheavals for the last several years the availability of turkeys is very limited. So, check this out and order today!

Are you ready to “gobble” up the most delicious turkey in Cuenca? Look no further. There are several options to choose from – pick the one(s) that suit you and your feast the best. Felix starts with the freshest, all natural, turkeys and chooses those with the plumpest breasts (think the Dolly Parton of Turkey breasts). He then offers them to you in several ways:

1) raw and ready to season and cook as you wish (Bone in $5.50 per pound/ boneless $6.50 per pound)
2) raw, marinated, seasoned perfectly, and ready to pop in the oven (Bone in $6.50 per pound and boneless $7.00 per pound)
3) marinated, seasoned perfectly, cooked and ready to eat (Bone in $7.50 per pound and boneless $8.00 per pound. All cooked breasts include a container of Gravy).

All prices include pick up on your chosen day or delivery. Just send a WhatsApp, call or email to reserve your special turkey. The turkey is the star of the feast and these are truly the King of the turkey breasts. All prices are based on raw weights and can vary with cooking. Choose a whole breast or a half breast depending on your crowd. Whole breasts range from 9-12 pounds. Whole turkeys are available but call or write for sizes and prices.

Not wanting to cook? Well to complement your centerpiece, Felix offers his signature sides to finish you feast. Mashed potatoes (from real potatoes with lots of butter oh yum!) (large $3.50 and small $2.50), Mixed vegetables seasoned and tasty (large $3.50 and small $2.50), and Gravy (freshly made and perfect to slather on the potatoes (large $3.50 and Small $2.50).

Have it your way from King Smokehouse! Order today as there are limited quantities of breasts available and orders must close on the 18th at the latest. Choose your date, delivery or pick up time, choose your turkey, choose your sides and leave the rest to King Smokehouse. Lip smacking good for sure.

+593 969 047 7244 And we are just across from Parque San Sebastian on Coronel Talbot.

Daily, Mon. thru Sat from 9 AM until 5 PM (Sat. closing at 4 PM)

Coronel Talbot 8-66 y Simon Bolivar

Felix Salinas: +593 96 904 7724

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