Double D’s: Last day to order Thanksgiving desserts

If you haven’t already ordered a sweet treat to finish off your Thanksgiving meal, we’re taking orders through today. Come by Luvimar today between 10 and 2 to get a peek at two of our holiday desserts. Since pumpkin pie isn’t for everyone, we’ll have our Rum Cake as well as the brand-new Cranberry Orange White Christmas Cake. We’ll also have some savory bites to get you thinking about your holiday gatherings.

Here’s our full 2022 Holiday Desserts and Treats Menu.

9” Pies (up to 8 servings)
Fresh–never frozen–pies baked to order in a flaky crust that holds up to even the fruitiest of fillings.
Apple ~ $20
Pumpkin ~ $25
Chocolate Chip Walnut ~ $30
Cherry ~ Seasonal
Pumpkin Praline ~ $27
Pecan ~ $32
Blueberry ~ $23
Walnut ~ $26
Chocolate Chip Pecan ~ $36

**Gluten-free crust is available. Contact us for details.**
Upgrade any pie to a 12” frangipane (almond custard tart) tart for only $10 more.

Pick-Your-Pie Dessert: Bite-sized pieces of pie baked into a pull-apart presentation.
Choose up to three different fillings from above.
10.5” ~ $47 (45-50 pieces) 9.5” ~ $37 (35-40 pieces) 8.5” ~ $27 (25-30 pieces)

Cakes and Breads
Fruit and Nut Cake: You won’t be passing this fruitcake around from year to year. Our tender Fruit and Nut Cake is loaded with dried fruits and walnuts then brushed and finished with your choice of amaretto, cherry liqueur, or pineapple glaze and festive Maraschino cherries.

Cranberry Orange Butter Cake: A lovely balance of tangy and sweet makes this cake an excellent option for dessert or to serve for brunch or an afternoon tea.

Italian Lemon Pound Cake: Finish off a rich meal with a light, moist lemony cake with a simple but elegant drizzle.

Rum Cake: A traditional rum cake adds boozy sweetness to any holiday celebration.
10” Bundt ~ $38.50 (14-16 servings) 8” Flower ~ $27.50 (12-14 servings)
9.5” Loaf ~ $16.50 (8-10 servings)

Italian Cherry Pound Cake: This rich and tender sour cream pound cake is available when cherries are in season. A touch of almond makes the cherries’ flavor pop.
Contact us for availability and seasonal pricing.

Cranberry Orange White Christmas Cake: Two layers of snowy white cake filled and topped with our homemade cranberry sauce. Orange scented buttercream finishes this show-stopper.
12” ~ $60 (up to 40 servings) 10” ~ $45 (up 25 servings) 8” ~ $28 (up to 14 servings)

New York Style Cheesecake: If you’ve had the cheesecake at Sabatino’s, this is one in the same. Our rich, creamy cheesecake with a hint of lemon is baked–no gelatin involved–to perfection atop a shortbread crust. With or without a sauce, it is simply divine.

10.5” ~ $30 (10-12 servings) 9.5” ~ $27 (8-10 servings) 8.5” ~ $24 (6-8 servings)

Sauces (8 oz.): Cherry ~ Seasonal, Maracuyá ~ $5, Strawberry, Chocolate, or Caramel ~ $4

Star Bread or Holiday Knots: Whether you choose a sweet or savory filling, a beautiful 12” star presentation or individual knots are the perfect complement to your buffet or holiday display or to simply enjoy with coffee or tea.
Star ~ $25 (8-10 servings) Knots: $2 each (one dozen minimum of any single filling)

Sweet Fillings: Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Chocolate Hazelnut, Fruit Jam,
Cranberry Orange
Savory Fillings: Pesto–traditional or Sicilian (cherry tomato), Cheesy Herb, Garlic Butter

Tea Ring: Tender sweet roll filled with cinnamon and brown sugar baked into a ring and finished with a powdered sugar glaze and Maraschino cherries. Add walnuts to the filling for $2 more.
10.5” Ring ~ $18 (8-10 servings) 8” Ring ~ $15 (6-8 servings)

As with all of our baked goods, everything is made fresh and never frozen.
We kindly ask for orders of at least one dozen of any single item below.

Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter
Oatmeal Raisin
Chocolate Chip Walnut (+$2)
Chewy Ginger
(w/ candied ginger +$3)
Mini Red Velvet Sandwiches (+$2)
Mexican Wedding (+$2)
Cranberry Bliss Bites
Iced Sugar Cut Outs
Lemon Snowballs
Cherry Garcia (+$2)
Chewy Chocolate Espresso
Jam-filled Christmas Trees (+$5)
Cranberry Orange
Pecan Tartlets (+$8)
Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies
Mock Samoas (+$2)

$15/750ml bottle
Eggnog: Thick and creamy beverage with a perfect balance of sweet and spice. Prepared without alcohol to be enjoyed as is or to be enhanced with your favorite spirit. Either way, you’ll enjoy this drink synonymous with the holidays.

Bloody Mary Mix: Tomatoes are cooked down with a variety of vegetables and blended into a smooth, not-too-spicy base that’s then enhanced with seasonings resulting in a mix awaiting your personal touches. Our Bloody Mary Mix works well for micheladas, too.

Order, Delivery, Gift Certificate, and Payment Information
Thanksgiving orders must be received by Thursday, November 17, with pick-up or delivery by 3 PM, Wednesday, November 23.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day orders must be received by Friday, December 16,
with pick-up or delivery by 3 PM, Friday, December 23.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day orders must be received by Monday, December 26, with pick-up or delivery by 3 PM, Friday, December 30.

72-hours’ notice is required except as noted above.

Delivery within Cuenca is available for approximately $2.
Delivery within Cuenca is free for orders of at least $25.

Personalized, electronic gift certificates are available in any amount
and are valid for six months from purchase date.

Payment is accepted in cash only. No bills larger than $20, please.

Order today for Thanksgiving desserts,

Luvimar Gourmet Market, Luis Moreno Mora #5-85 y Roberto Crespo Toral

Double Ds Delights: 096 802 2545 (Spanish, English; WhatsApp)

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