Hello to everybody. My name is Oswaldo. I am from Ecuador and I live in Sigisg. It only takes you one hour and twenty minutes from Cuenca city to here. I have a little school where I teach both English and Kichwa. I am a language teacher and a tour guide. Most of my students are poor and I am looking for some charity for them. I would like to offer them some refreshments at break time and something else. We also need to buy new desks and other stuff to improve the lessons.
I have some American friends who are doing charity and volunteering in my school. In exchange, I can show you all around Sigisg. We have more than ten attractions since Archeological ruins where nomadic people arrived in a black cave 10,000 years ago. There is a beautiful beach with a lot of landscapes. We have many hat factories, museums, restaurants, places with full sightseeing and restaurants where we can eat fried trout, chicken soup, vegetables, guinea pig and a variety of meats, etc…. When Dean and his friends come, they enjoy and help us a lot. I will be looking forward to meeting any of you very soon. I am a trustworthy and reliable person.

Please contact me.
226 6653 / 099 788 9388

Oswaldo Zhiminaicela: 099 788 9388. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca
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