FAAN Volunteers & Benefactors working to give our dogs a new home

In our FAAN November newsletter, we’re sharing the stories and profiles of our animal loving community members making a difference. Community Volunteers both in Ecuador and around the world are working to build Ecuador’s most modern and sustainable shelter and improve overall animal welfare in our city. We invite you to join us! Volunteer, Donate, Adopt!

At FAAN we are working in a holistic approach to animal welfare that includes a sanctuary for our rescue dogs, community education, adoption and promotion of spaying and neutering.
Right now, the goal in front of us is raising $65,000 to purchase the land for the permanent sanctuary and to move our 130 dogs by June 2023.

As a note to the community, we’re continually learning best practices in improving animal welfare from our friends at Amici Cannis USA and Amici Cannis Fundacion in Cotopaxi who have made available to FAAN their expertise and a US tax-deduction for donors in 2022 through their umbrella organization.

In this November newsletter, learn how you can be a doggy difference maker by joining the pack of the newly created Gold, Silver and Bronze Paws Circle.

You’re also invited to meet us and a few of our adoptable dogs in Cuenca at our upcoming November Event Vino & van Gogh on November 29th and 30th! Sign up for one or both nights. A night of Wine, Friends & Creativity
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Here’s the Correct Link to This Newsletter Profile on our Volunteers and Benefactors: 

Rosemary Rein: reinrosemary@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

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