Public display of courtesy at Supermaxi

Of late, we’ve read screeds about the rudeness of folks in Cuenca. Whether its drivers being discourteous to pedestrians, or some young person, standing in the seniors/disabled line at the grocery store.

I’d like to share the opposite experience. As a pedestrian and sight-challenged man, I’ve frequently had buses, taxis and passenger vehicles stop and wave me across busy intersections (I can pry one eye open).

Today, at Supermaxi, my situation must have been apparent (I wear dark glasses to cut the glare and disguise the closed eyes). Having only eight items, we lined up at the appropriate line. the Hispanic man ahead of me, insisted I precede him. When I demurred, he not only wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, he asked the lady ahead to allow me. Pretty darned awkward, but refusing his gesture was rude (the first time) and I proceeded to the check-out.

Believe me, I’m the first to launch into a tirade about the insufficiency of others, but am happy to call-out kindness, when I experience it.

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City: Cuenca

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