Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic (“Dr. No Pain” / Dr. Andres Pacheco)

Dental Clinic / Dental Tourism

“Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic” is an “American Standards” Dental Clinic, located in the heart of Cuenca, Ecuador, which proudly serves many thousands of North American Expats living here, in addition to those persons visiting Ecuador as Dental Tourists for their needed Dental Care (i.e. bridges, crowns, dentures, implants, veneers & whitening).


WhatsApp: +593 98 392 9606

Phone: 07-410-8745 (Ecuador) OR 1-941-227-0114 (USA)

Physical Address: Edificio Medimagen (Second Floor), Av. Pumapungo & Av. Paseo de los Cañaris, Cuenca, Ecuador 010105

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