Two-year-old boy needs open-heart surgery

Hello everybody, Antay is here, and with my partner Chandra, we are asking the family support to fundraise to perform open heart surgery on our son, Mallku.

Mallku is 2-years old with two holes in the heart for congenital defects: a ventricular septal defect and a patent ductus arteriosus. The largest of which is an 8mm hole. These conditions are causing progressive damage to his heart and lungs. We need to treat it urgently through open heart surgery to give him the chance to have a normal life.

This open heart surgery must be performed in less than a month, otherwise, there is a risk that the heart will not be able to correct these defects later.

For us as his parents, it has been a very hard process in sustaining this healing process, and for this last surgery we ask for the financial help of the whole family, because the costs of this surgery are very high and we cannot cover them on our own.

As parents, the most important thing for us is Mallku’s well-being, and this surgery will help him to have the full life he deserves.

Thank you to the whole family for your big heart and loving contribution.

From our hearts, may many blessings come to you for the support you are giving our family.

With love Antay, Chandra and Mallku.

David Ledesma: 098 640 2208. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca