Someone with a kind heart

Hello everyone, my name is Rebeca and I’m a 28 yo girl from Venezuela; graduated from college in Hotel management and hospitality services… The reason to write this ad is because I was scammed at my previous job where I worked for a month and the owner refuses to pay me the promised salary and to this day I keep begging for my payment, which I don’t receive just because I’m a foreigner. It is a modus operandi of the owner since I have the knowledge of two more girls who, like me, have been waiting for their payment for months and nothing. We decided to leave it all to God and his divine justice.

My request is if someone can give me a job no matter what it is (decent) cleaning a house, babysitting, helping with anything or if someone has a busyness and it wants to give me the opportunity to work and get a place to sleep as payment or maybe a job where I can get daily earnings maybe since my rent expires in 3 days and I have no place to go…

After this bad experience I want to quit and comeback to my country and that’s my short-term goal, so, if someone has a kind heart I have some references if you need it. I speak English and I don’t want free things I just want to work hard to make the enough money to comeback and forget about all the bad experiences here. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Becky: 099 970 2950. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca