Cedula Digital

Dear foreigners who live in Ecuador. I have excellent news for you. You may have heard about the new Digital ID. It is something very recent that the civil registry has released as a new modality here in Ecuador.
We will no longer have to walk with the fear that if I lost the ID and it ceases to be such a vital document that losing it has generated so much discomfort.

It is an optional non-mandatory service, and a digital version of the identity document, so it has the same validity as the physical one. It can be accessed through the Gob.EC platform installed on your cell phone.

I leave you here the link so that you can access it. It will be valid very soon, so don’t worry about getting it yet, wait a bit:

While this happens, so you don’t lose your ID I’m going to leave you a very good tip: leaving the civil registry on the right hand side going down all those steps there is a store that says Photo Clone “Foto Clon”. Ask them to make a laminated copy of the identity card. Say, “por favor, una copia plastica de mi cedula”. The cost to do it is $3; the best payment you will ever make, and you will have an exact copy of the cedula to the one you carry now as an identity card.

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