So, Turi is open again. How are the steps?


Now that the top end is basically done, the maintenance window for the steps is probably closed, so if you like steps, you’ll have to negotiate a neglected and unimproved route which now includes a brief “off-trail” scramble to get through.

My last batch of photos is from Sunday, Oct. 2. The URL to the Turi Flickr album is:

Scroll down to the “older/latest” separator image near the bottom of the album, and the new stuff is below that.

The last few images in the set show the steps, including a slump that happened while the steps were closed, and which might end up as a permanent feature, we guess. It already has its own lawn…

But, with wicked efficiency, the powers that be signaled the opening of the steps by simply uprooting the “closed” sign at the bottom end and laying it face down on the ground. Got to admire that one.

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City: Cuenca

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