My experience to get my visa by myself

The week before I went to Azogues to get the visa and there are no online appointments so you have to stand in line to get a number. I was waiting all morning and when they said my name, around 1:00 pm they asked me for a document from the Municipality of Cuenca that I did not know how to obtain. I had already gone to those offices before but they had given me a different certificate than the one I needed

The truth is that I am an uncomplicated person, so I decided to hire someone to help me obtain the visa. Surprisingly, with a notarized power of attorney, I did nothing more than go and take my fingerprints and my identity card at the Civil Registry. I know that many of you love to do things on your own, but I also know that many prefer to wait for their visa from the comfort of their home.

Thanks to Karina Urgiles from Expat Community for all her advice and patience.

To everyone who wants an uncomplicated visa process I recommend Karina from expat community, her prices are very reasonable.

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