Obtaining more items every day here at Red Tag Moving Sales

Hi everyone! I have been doing estate/moving sales here in Cuenca for the past 7 years.

I usually do the sales from people’s homes that are leaving Cuenca but this year just due to so many requests from people that are leaving but don’t have enough items to have a sale, per se, I have started selling items individually! Boy-oh-boy is business booming! For example, I am picking up two televisions, a double door beautiful refrigerator, gas tanks, tables, a set of custom-made down feather stuffed loungers, a lovely sofa, etc. on Monday from a couple that moving to the coast.

I will be posting these items at a future date and will also incorporate items into my future estate sales.

So… if you are ever looking for anything in particular, want to sell some of your things or all of your things just shoot me an email.

Thank you for all your tremendous support for me these past 8 years and happy shopping,

Debra Lynn: redtagmovingsales@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

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