Monica Gonzaga, relocation consultant services in Ecuador

Monica Gonzaga services is the best option to get your visas in Ecuador and many other services that you need it in Ecuador.

What is the difference between lawyers and Monica’s services?

I can really get done with the chore you assigned to me. That’s the best and the most important difference. Stop throwing your money; come with the real professional team. We really work for you.

Cases we have taken and solved:

*I have created and constituted an NGO for some foreign clients, we registered it here in Ecuador and we have taken out their RUC!

*I have resolved more than one case of Ecuadorian Citizenship that was already lost.

* I have saved a client from losing his car because he has been reported stolen *I have mediated in many cases of house and apartment rentals *I have updated constructions in a land in the municipality,

*I have participated and helped in a lot of buying and selling, always assisting my clients in the best way.

*I have registered companies in the Superintendency of Companies

*I have helped many clients to close their Investment CD before time and get all their money back.

*Not counting the many visas that were already lost and I have recovered them for my clients.

*Problems with driver’s licenses and problems with ANT and Emov many cases have been resolved for my clients I have solved all these and many more cases and without being a lawyer, all thanks to my work team and professional external help that I obtain when I need it plus my knowledge

*If you are having problems with the process to get your visa, cedula, or in any other procedure, Monica is here to help you as a relocation consultant.

I have been almost a decade working with the expat community. In all this time I have never had a visa denied, so I have all the necessary experience to obtain your:

– Temporary or permanent resident visa

– Ecuadorian citizenship

– Cedula

– Transfer visa

– Visa renovation

– Driver license

– Marriage registration

– POA (Power of Attorney)

– Wills and End of Life plan (consult me for this special services)

And more.

Monica Gonzaga Relocation Consultant Services

Contact me now and we can make a zoom meeting, a WhatsApp call, (come to Ecuador with the right paperwork to make your life easy when you apply for your residency of Ecuador

Or you can come to my office located in downtown Cuenca.

Before I forget, consultations are always free.

Benedicto XV 1-53

Monica Gonzaga
098 384 1691

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