Killa Raymi Celebration Nabon

• Killa Raymi Celebration brings forth the strength of our ethnic groups of the Andes and the three communities. Within this parameter, one of the challenges we have is the defense of water and the protection of our water sources.

• The Killa Raymi, one of the four great celebrations of the native peoples of Ecuador, in gratitude to mother earth. It was carried out through a ritual ceremony, native dances, Andean music, craft fair, pampamesa, among other manifestations.

• With this festival of the moon (Killa) and fertility to give rise to life, we rescue the ancestral knowledge of our peoples in a celebration of our great diversity of cultures, traditions, gastronomy, music, dance and ancestral knowledge.

• The festival of fertility and female beauty is the ‘Koya-Killa Raymi’ which, according to Andean beliefs, understands that every September 21 is the end of soil preparation and the beginning of crops. The indigenous worldview( Cosmovisión Andina) agrees that it is time to choose the best seeds for the new planting in Pachamama or Mother Earth.

• In our indigenous communities the conception of life and its evolutionary development is considered a circular process, that is, one that repeats a certain dynamic over and over again.

• We have to be reciprocal with our Pachamama…

• Four major celebrations stand out here, each related to the solstices, the equinoxes and the production cycles of nature.
“We want to strengthen the identity of our people, following in the footsteps of our ancestors to recover part of the our culture that colonization and migration took from us”…

Hope you can join us to experience the Killa Raymi Celebration in be part of the Conservation of our intangible heritage…

Plaza Central de Nabon ..Sunday September 25th 2022 at 9:30am to 3pm aprox…

Value for Killa Raymi Celebration Trip in Nabon will be $20 per person to cover transportation services provider costs…

The Municipality of Nabon is providing us a opportunity of being part of this Ancestral Celebration…Killa Raymi Celebration Nabon Sunday September 25th 2022…

Space’s limited…reservations: email:
WhatsApp #099 524 6166

Nabon, Azuay

Martin Avila

099 259 0745

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