Rescued pups need you!

Do you love animals but don’t know how to help?

This is a great opportunity to do so!

Please help us with donations of clothes, shoes, toys, stuffed animals, ornaments, appliances, etc.

Anything you think we can sell to raise funds is good for us, if it´s in your heart to donate dog or cat food, we would greatly appreciate it as well.

To make your donation get in touch via WhatsApp:
099 976 1662 – (English)
099 538 3053
099 263 8612

Or you can leave it directly in the C.C. Plaza de las Américas in Mía Mascota store under the name of Movimiento Conciencia Animal, you will be given a receipt for your donation!

All proceeds will benefit animals in street situations, our rescued animals, sterilizations, food, etc.

Thanks in advance

Veronica Pelaez: 099 976 1662 – (English), 099 538 3053. Call after: 11 AM.

City: Cuenca

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