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Looking for proofreading support for Amazon Rainforest website

Hi everyone!

We have a website called which is an Amazon Rainforest Encyclopedia. It was first made in Spanish but recently we used a paid app for automated translation called WPML.

However, we still need to check it out.

Most of the articles are very well written in Spanish by University professors or doctors as Dr. Rafael Cartay, historian, writer and economist who encouraged us to start this 3 years ago with the hope of earning some revenue from it somehow, some day.

Currently we are running ads from Google Adsense and we earn around $1 per day. We have worked a lot on this project, and we have invested some money (not much for your standards of investments) paying other writers essentially and the translation plugin as well.

The thing is we thought maybe some of you who are learning Spanish and learning about the Amazon Rainforest too might be interested in helping us with the proofreading part.

We have over 400 articles already posted in Spanish and more than 200 already translated. If you are interested in giving us a hand checking out a post one day or another you can either write your corrections or suggestions in the comments box or send us an email with your comments (

The website address in English is

From there you can choose any article that calls your attention if you want to help us with this.

Sadly, we cannot pay you for this, but we will be very grateful.

Additionally, if you want to go further and correct by yourself we can give you access to the portal and teach you how to edit the translations from the WPML app. Please contact us if you are interested.

Have a nice day!

Daniel Osorio Molina: 098 265 3786. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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