Hungry for TexMex? Always at Santacruz restaurant

Santacruz loves giving their customers the best service and food combined with a great place to eat. Colorful and bright, bringing that joy that cruises barriers. Check what we offer and don’t lose this experience!

Taco Tuesday 10 x 10 (Ten tacos for 10 bucks)
2X1 Martinis
3X2 Beer
2X1 Blue Margaritas every day!
Get to know our menu:


Botana Santa Cruz (Sampler)
2 people
4 people



(chicken/ beef / pork / shrimp / vegetarian. served with salsas and chips)


(chicken/ beef / pork / mushroom served with salsas and chips)

Crazy Burrito

Super big burrito mixto, served with salsas and fries.


(chicken/ beef / pork / shrimp)


(chicken / beef / pork / shrimp / black beans) …

To see more of our Menu, please go to our Facebook @santacruzrestaurantcuenca .

Hours: Monday – Saturday: Noon – 10 PM
Sunday: Closed

Esmeraldas #222 Y Remigio Crespo (one block east of the Totems).

Santacruz Restaurant

099 511 2381

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