Gringo Grub now has delivery

Hello to everyone asking about delivery. We are now offering delivery out of Cuenca Coop. Delivery is available from 9 to 2 only by calling 095 862 2251.

This weekend special is: buy 3 large for $6 and get a small free. If you want to stock your freezer, any delivery of $30 or more is free. Everything is $6 large (quart) or 1/2 quart is $3. We have chili with beans, potato soup with bacon, pea soup with bacon, bean soup with bacon, beef stew and sloppy Joe’s. Everyone knows Cuenca weather is perfect for what we offer.

Monday through Sunday 8 AM to 2 PM, Calle Larga, Sunrise Cafe

Ed: 095 862 2251

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