Ecuador dog laws

Good morning all, I was walking my dog and was approached by two Ecuadorian ladies. They both have cameras and see people walking their dogs past their property and 1) not picking up after the dogs and 2) allowing their dogs to pee as they walk along the street. They are contacting the Ministerio de Salud Publica and are looking to get these people fined.

I always collect my dog’s excrement but we have a 3-block walk to the park and on occasion, she will urinate in a bushy area on the way.

Leaving excrement you should be fined, absolutely, but what about urinating? Is there a fine for that? Also, I don’t think they factor in the people that allow their dogs to roam free and do their business in the street…what’s their responsibility?

Please respond to this post if you have knowledge of the law.

Thank you,

Tony G
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