Ancient natural medicine.

For: Brain, nervous system, stress, depression. Natural antibiotic. General weakness. Allergies, common cold symptoms, lung infections. Moisturizes the skin, hair; cleanses and purifies the blood; high blood pressure, acne Gastritis, cholesterol, antioxidant, digestion, constipation, wounds in the intestines. Lose weight. Type 2 diabetes; prostate, ovaries, uterus, prevent cancer of colon.

And many others benefits that cannot be fully explained in the ad but will be shared by the seller.

Honey: Price: $3 12-ounce
Royal jelly of queen bees: big bottle = 24 ounces $20; small: 12 ounces $10
Ginger syrup: 500ml $20: small 250 ml.$10.
Propóleo syrup: 500ml $20; 25Oml $10.
Bee pollen: 130 grams $10
Algarrobina: 12 ounces jar $ 6
Pure penco honey, chawarmishki ó ágave: 500ml: big bottle $20; small: 250 ml: $10
Pure molasses cane: 500ml: $12; 250ml $6

Diego Lupercio: 099 021 9915.

City: Cuenca

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