Cultural time

My name is Karina and I would like to set a cultural moment with a native English speaker. Please contact me if you are interested.

Basically, we will have a zoom meeting where you can share your life experiences, and non-English-native-speakers will share their questions and inquiries with you.


Little Thai restaurant?

Has Little Thai restaurant on Luis Cordero 7-33 closed?

Steven Ellison

Ecuador dog laws

Good morning all, I was walking my dog and was approached by two Ecuadorian ladies. They both have cameras and see people walking their dogs past their property and 1) not picking up after the dogs and 2) allowing their dogs to pee as they walk along the street. They are contacting the Ministerio de Salud Publica and are looking to get these people fined.

I always collect my dog’s excrement but we have a 3-block walk to the park and on occasion, she will urinate in a bushy area on the way.

Leaving excrement you should be fined, absolutely, but what about urinating? Is there a fine for that? Also, I don’t think they factor in the people that allow their dogs to roam free and do their business in the street…what’s their responsibility?

Please respond to this post if you have knowledge of the law.

Thank you,

Tony G



I am Dra. Daniela Carpio —a Cardiologist based out of Cuenca with a specialty in Cardiac Intensive Care. Upon my recent return from completing my studies abroad, I opened my medical practice at Hospital del Rio, and it would be an honor to serve you there.

I completed my 5-year postgraduate education at the Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiología in Sao Paulo, Brazil; a world class institution comprised of highly skilled physicians in the field. I am thrilled to me back in my hometown, with my family, and I look forward to serving my community and also bring expert medical care to the comfort of your own home, if needed.


Book donation?

Best place to donate 5 boxes of English language books from novels to math, science and history?


Native English speaker lady

Hello, I’m looking for a native English speaker to teach English
To a 9-year-old girl.

Please let me know if you are available.

Kino: 098 846 2433. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Cultural time

My name is Karina and I would like to set a cultural moment with a native English speaker. Please contact me if you are interested.

Basically, we will have a zoom meeting where you can share your life experiences, and non English-native-speakers will share their questions and inquiries with you.

Karina: 099 886 6457. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Melamine cabinets

Looking for someone to build melamine cabinets for outdoor garden tools and storage items.

Joyce Taylor Bungay: 097 974 1946. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Need land surveyor

I need a parcel of land surveyed. It is located 20 minutes outside of Paute.

Dan: 097 921 9386. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Ancient natural medicine.

For: Brain, nervous system, stress, depression. Natural antibiotic. General weakness. Allergies, common cold symptoms, lung infections. Moisturizes the skin, hair; cleanses and purifies the blood; high blood pressure, acne Gastritis, cholesterol, antioxidant, digestion, constipation, wounds in the intestines. Lose weight. Type 2 diabetes; prostate, ovaries, uterus, prevent cancer of colon.

And many others benefits that cannot be fully explained in the ad but will be shared by the seller.


Cuenca Consignments, store is open today

Cuenca Consignment Stores, voted best Consignment Store in Cuenca each year. Visit our vast selection of items for your home and family, all at discounted prices. We have added new and pre-owned items to our inventory in the past week: Couches, coffee tables, office items like desks, computers, a 30-inch monitor, chairs and cabinets, some lockable. A brand-new Porter cable drill/driver and impact cordless drills with two 20-volt lithium batteries. a beautiful hutch, an almost-new LG washer and GE gas dryer, and much more.

We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 11 AM to 5 PM, and are located at Isabela 4-75 y 12 de Abril. Two streets West of the Coliseum. (see map).

Brenda Webb: For English 098 459 3005 – For Spanish 095 898 4212.

City: Cuenca

The rose guy is offering his biggest discount ever – 50 roses to the US

Today, The Rose Guy is going to make you the best offer he ever has for 50 long-stem roses delivered direct from our farms in Ecuador to any US address…

For the next 7 days you can order 50 (one color, long-stem roses) for a total cost of $70. The regular price is $105. A $35 discount. (Please note: This offer is only available for 50 fresh long-stem roses purchase).



Beautiful Siamese kittens for sale, female (photo 1), male (photo 2) and female (photo 3).

$80 each one.

Gladys G: 095 876 2188.

City: Cuenca

Full body deep tissue massage – 90-minutes session

A deep tissue massage is a type of massage that aims to invigorate and heal a person’s muscles and connective tissue.

Deep tissue massage works on specific areas of muscle tension in the body. Stress, bad postures, or intensive physical activity can cause contracted muscles, and the best way to treat this is a good massage.

The main benefit of a deep tissue massage is that it can help relieve pain caused by stressed and strained muscles—the massage focus on targeting specific muscles and connective tissue.

A deep tissue massage can also help improve muscle function, which can be handy for athletes and anyone physically active. In addition, deep tissue massage treats the muscles as an entire unit; it can help improve how a person moves by improving their posture and alignment. It can help people with back pain, recent injuries, and sports-related injuries.

During the massage, I focus on your physical and emotional well-being, helping you to reach a deep level of relaxation that has long-term benefits even when the treatment is over.

This massage is highly recommended for people who need to restore their body balance due to nervous system disorders and different types of tension, including contracted muscles, stiffness, or aches and pains.

Schedule your in-home massage on the day and time that suits you best.

Massage costs $40 + $5 transportation fee.

Belisario Andrade Y Julio Torres

Elsa Rojas
098 177 4961

Campbell’s Soup – Cuenca Shop, currently cheapest in Cuenca

Yes, it has finally happened.

Chicken Noodle
Chicken and Rice
Cream of Mushroom

In stock

Remember, delivery for orders $30 or more is free in Cuenca

Cuenca Shop (King Smokehouse) 8-66 Coronel Talbot, Parque San Sebastian

098 402 6399

JimThai massage and wellness services

Jimmy Quintero, licensed Naturopathy Technologist and massage therapist with 26 years of experience, offers deep tissue, Thai, Hawaiian, Swedish, Shiatsu, relaxation, trigger point, and at affordable prices for men and women. He can work deeply or gently to relieve stress or to target specific issues with excellent results.

Additionally, Jimmy is a personal trainer and yoga instructor and dance can do all of this in the privacy of your home. He offers combination packages with exercise followed by massage.


Pre-paro (strike) sale

Stock up on things you might need – at CosasPrep.
Chili, beef jerky, beef stew, security items and more are now available at our easy-to-find (just 5 blocks West of Parque Calderon) store.

Simon Bolivar 13-49 y Estevez de Toral

Kent Mills

Tickets: “It Had to Be You” Broadway comedy opening Friday,

Grab your friends and come see a hilarious, no holds barred, knock-down, drag-out battle of the sexes!

Azuay Community Theater is back!

‘It Had to Be You,’ A comedy in two acts by Renêe Taylor and Joseph Bologna

Featuring some of ACT’s best: Cody Hamilton & Ray Lewis Directed by:Paula Bailey

Two weekends only: September 23, 24, 25, 30 October 1 & 2, 2022 Doors open 3:30 Show at 4 PM

Synopsis: He produces and directs name brand commercials for a major New York agency, drives a sports car, has a penthouse uptown, loves caviar and dates gorgeous fashion models. She auditions poorly for every part available, takes the subway, has a one-room walk-up way downtown, makes tofu and flaxseed meatballs and her last love thought he was a dog. Then there’s her play about the Czar, Rasputin and a 79-year-old noblewoman who is crucified upside down. It’s a comedy. What could possibly go wrong?


Facilitator and transportation

Facilitator and transportation
Dear Expat Community,

My name is Orlando Sigüenza, I have been working with the expat community for over nine years.

My services include:

– Transfer to any airport-at any time
– Pick up and drop off to any airport (Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca)
– Taking you to other towns
– Day trips around Cuenca and out of Cuenca
– Driving you to any immigration office (Machala, Guayaquil, Azogues)
– Running any type of errands needed
– Facilitator (for shopping, doctor’s appointments, legal matters, driver’s license
– I can deliver anything to your house.
– I move your stuff local and statewide.
– Apartment and homes find.

Please contact to me for a quote 24/7.

I have a good recommendation on GringoPost.


Orlando Siguenza
098 585 4587

Powerful benefits of high-dose vitamin C IV therapy

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a powerful antioxidant that plays a crucial role in overall health.

High-dose vitamin C is crucial to a healthy body and contributes to your immune defense by supporting and directly stimulating various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune systems.

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant and is responsible for many functions in the body. While not all of our oral supplements are fully absorbed, IV delivery of Vitamin C ensures that 100% of the vitamin is bioavailable. In addition, when given high doses, Vitamin C converts from an antioxidant to an oxidative therapy.


How I love the sunshine! Emilio, driver/facilitator/commentator

There is nothing better than a nice, sunny day to show off my native Ecuador. I recently had the opportunity to escort a famous actor from the United States and would love to share my experience with you. We visited many of the sites in and around Cuenca as well as Ambato and more. I’d love to give you the same tour I gave him, embellishing it with commentary about my native land. Please call ahead for an appointment, as good planning is essential to a great adventure.

Calle Cantón Saraguro y Manuel Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
WhatsApp +593 98 699 5694

Cuenca Car Share gets you around on your own

With warmer weather here, it is a great time to start investigating the areas around Cuenca and beyond. Dry roads are safer, fog is reduced or non-existent, and you can have a most pleasant experience as you enjoy our beautiful country in a car you have rented so you can go where you want, do what you want when you want, and basically be totally independent. Contact me in advance as cars are frequently rented out well in advance.

Prices are best for longer rentals and may include some kilometers. Auto insurance is always included because it is required in Ecuador.

Calle Cantón Saraguro y Manuel Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
WhatsApp +593 98 699 5694

A clean house is a healthy house – Edvi Limpieza Total

Hello, I’m Edgar, owner and operator of Edvi Limpieza Total. My goal is to provide you with the very best cleaning. It doesn’t matter if you need your house or apartment, garden, or car cleaned. I and my family are prepared to help you. We have dedicated our lives to keeping Cuenca clean by cleaning one location at a time – your private location. We can even trim trees and wash windows that are out of reach.

With the nicer weather we are having, it is a good time to think about painting outside or inside. Inside you can enjoy having the windows open to help reduce any paint smell. Outside, obviously, the paint will dry quickly and the lack of rain is a big plus for exterior painting. Now is the time. We paint. Call us.


Transpo Ecuador

Takes 4 people and all your luggage to or from Cuenca-Guayaquil for 95 bucks.

Let’s book Transpo! We also take you to Salinas, Puerto Lopez, Montañita, Olon, Vilcabamba, Manta, Ingapirca. Etc.

Bolivar 6-40 y Hermano Miguel

Jon Labouef
098 494 9008

Does your child need help with reading, writing, or math?

I taught for 25 years in the USA. I will tutor or teach any age student. I hold current teaching certificates in English, science, and social studies and a master’s degree in educational research and psychology, as well as degrees in criminal justice and psychology. I am fully vaccinated and will work with you in person or online. I can address whatever skills or content you need. I can teach your student to read and write in English. I have experience with young children to graduate students.

My teaching fee is negotiable depending upon the task.


Private Spanish lessons

Personalized, private, face-to-face Spanish lessons in the city of Cuenca. Native speaker, with a degree in foreign languages. I speak English fluently, and also German.

Gran Colombia – Cuenca

Juan Carlos

Handyman services – Emilio of All Trades

With the lovely weather we’ve been having, do you have projects that need to be completed? Windows, roof, plumbing, electrical? All are within our purview and capacity to complete your work in a timely and convenient manner with fair prices. Call us today to schedule an appointment to review your needs and discuss a timeline.

Calle Cantón Saraguro y Manuel Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
WhatsApp +593 98 699 5694

Taco Tuesday? Always at Santa Cruz

Have delicious dinner at a great price with our promo: 10 tacos x $10. You can pick beef, chicken or chicken, and mix your taco plate.

Also get your
2X1 Blue Margaritas.
2X1 Martinis
3X1 Beers

See you there,

Hours: Monday – Saturday: Noon – 10 PM
Sunday: closed

Esmeraldas #222 Y Remigio Crespo (one block east of the Totems).

Santacruz Restaurant

099 511 2381

Semi-intensive and intensive Spanish Courses at ¡Vamos!

¡Vamos¡ Spanish School is offering a new type of group class: semi-intensive courses.

They will take place from Monday to Friday for two hours every day. (The hours vary depending on the group: either in the morning or the afternoon). This course will last for three weeks and it is designed for those who need a boost in their Spanish skills but cannot commit to a full intensive Spanish Course. The starting date for the Beginners Group will be September 26.

The course fee is $180 and it includes access to the Friday Cultural Workshops.


Financing available

New homes in the Yunguilla Valley or in Puerto López. We offer financing on all our projects. Rates as low as 5.5 percent.


Torrin Brauch
+1 239 848 5876

Pampering yourself by scheduling at C&C Unisex Hair Design

In today’s world, we are so busy with work or studies that we hardly have any time for ourselves. As a result, we become stressed out or fall sick. We forget the importance of having a peaceful mind and then eventually become depressed.

While we can’t just quit our jobs and relax for our entire life, we can try to find at least one hour every week to relax. Here is a list that you can have once a week to pamper yourself in your busy schedule. or even if you are retired you can still get distressed of a lot of changing like missing your own language, different culture, laws, etc. So, here we put I all the things you can try when you need to relax and unwind. If you bite your nails then come and get an complete manicure and get away from dead skin.


The Beast is for sale

2002 Mitsubishi Montero. Automatic and 5-speed capacity for those steep hills. 4 WD and can go up mountains. Four door with fold-down third row. Power windows, seat, A/C, sun roof, luggage rack, and trailer hitch. Front and rear cameras with microphone. Stereo system with CD, radio, USB and cell phone cable. 190,000 km/ 118,00 miles. Well maintained with same Mechanic.


Contact for pictures.

Adrian Puli: +593 98 317 4172.

City: Cuenca

Recommendation for Diana Palomeque, nursing

Introducing an outstanding nurse who is currently available in Cuenca. Diana Palomeque is a fully certified, experienced, Ecuadorian nurse, whose skill set is equal to a RN in the states.

Diana tirelessly, professionally and compassionately cared for my husband, Jerry Joe Holland, during his last 7 weeks of life. Jerry adored her. She was an “angel’ and lived with us 24/7.

Not only did she provide the necessary palliative services around the clock, she helped with preparing food for Jerry, keeping the kitchen spotless and helped with any household tasks and errands that were needed. Her value-added services were remarkable.


Motorola Razr, 2nd gen, unlocked

Hello! I have two coming in the end of October. This is the Motorola with the folding screen. Easy to keep out of site from potential thieves when not in use. Looking for $1000 each. Somewhat negotiable, but try and get one of these here. Specs below.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G Adreno™ 620 GPU

Operating System
Android™ 10


Recommendation for Nami-Japanese Sushi Restaurant, Japanese cuisine

Recently opened, the sushi is the best I have had in Cuenca. The restaurant design and table settings are authentic Japanese. Having lived in Japan and tried all the options here in Cuenca, I can attest to the quality of the sushi. Enjoy.

Address: Av Remigio Crespo and Agustin Cueva

Contact information: 099 544 2253

Recommended by Julia Rux:

Recommendation for Manuel Natera, carpentry

Manuel Natera advertized his carpenter services here in GringoPost. We hired him a week ago to repair a recliner chair that 3 other carpenters were unable to do.

Manuel surveyed the problem, assembled the necessary materials to repair it, used a creative approach and successfully completed the project. His prices were very reasonable.

We highly recommend this young man’s creative carpentry services.
Linda & Ron Wooten-Green

Address: Cuenca, EC, Super Maxi El Vergel area

Contact information: 096 273 9781

Recommended by Linda Wooten Green: 098 732 3044

Recommendation for Dra. Lina Ulloa, legal advisor/attorney

Let me start with the fact that I am bilingual/fluent in Spanish. I got my cédula the same day I got my visa in Guayaquil in 2012. This year it came time to renew my cédula, which expired 7/22.

Unlike other people, I do learn from what other people go thru. If you tell me it is hot, I have no need to touch it. I also do not like to procrastinate; started doing research about the renewal procedure back in June. All I got was conflicting/outdated info and stories about issues and difficulties.


Recommendation for Annie Schinsky, massage

I called Annie on Friday in a rush for a good massage after having horrible neck pain causing me a migraine for two days. Annie was able to see me at 2 PM that same day for a massage, and it was wonderful! The massage is technically 90 minutes, but she spent two whole hours working on me. She used a hot compress and special techniques to help me with my horrible migraine. I am so grateful to Annie for seeing me so quickly and putting in extra effort to get me feeling my best again! She even followed up with me to see how I was doing after.

She is super knowledgeable and an all-around great person. I enjoyed chatting with her during my massage, and I left with new stretching techniques and a great massage therapist to use in the future. I highly recommend her!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 426 0054

Recommended by Molly Wafer:

Recommendation for Rob’s Reflexology, foot reflexology

I have been a regular user of foot reflexology having been a dancer and subsequently having had multiple foot surgeries.

In all of my many years of experience using such services, at times, weekly, I would highly recommend Ron. He is well trained and extremely skilled in this discipline. He is one of the best reflexologists I have experienced.

In addition, Ron is very professional and a nice person.

Address: Avenida Diez de Agosto 5-36 y Francisco Moscoso Edificio Torres Del Yanuncay

Contact information: +593 096 975 7287

Recommended by Michele Sarlat:

Double D’s: There’s still time to order, but not much

This menu’s dishes have a cheesy theme. The casserole is a low-carb, roasted eggplant dish layered with a not-too-heavy cheese blend and our homemade marinara. Since the weather can’t figure out what it’s doing, we’re making a stew that’s not too heavy but satisfying all the same. Potatoes are cooked in a creamy base loaded with vegetables and chicken. The sweet is a twist on a childhood favorite from the neighborhood ice cream truck.


Gran Roca Wednesday, farm-to-table market and lunch at Los Balcones

We invite you to come to the Gran Roca Wednesday farm-to-table market and have a one-of-a-kind fresh, healthy and delicious lunch from noon – 2 PM at the beautiful Hotel Los Balcones on Presidente Borrero 12-08 y Sangurima, (Only 4 blocks from Parque Calderon), where you can pick up our fresh, healthy and delicious products; all produced on our sustainable permaculture farm in the Yunguilla Valley, about an hour southwest of Cuenca. You’ll find our harvested-in-the-morning fresh vegetables and herbs, milk products, chicken eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, pork and smoked products.


Zarza Brewing: New German Dunkel lager

And $0.50 wings every Tuesday!

Our Munich Dunkel is fresh on tap. Come by for a delicious pint of a classic Bavarian brown lager with notes of caramel and chocolate, and very light hopping.

Every Tuesday, Remigio Tamariz between Lorenzo Piedra and Alfonso Borrero


Learn how to prepare ceviche

Learn how to prepare the most delicious ceviche in Ecuador! The Manaba ceviche!

The cost is $15 per person and includes the ceviche, beer and garnishes.

Make your reservation until Wednesday night.

You will have an amazing experience with friends and delicious food.

Thursday, September 22, from 12:30 PM, Sucre 11-60 between Tarqui and General Torres

Spanish Institute: 095 976 9976

Online “Natural Garden Care, Weeds and Pests Workshop”

We invite you to attend the first Online Workshop developed by Energia Nativa focused on Garden Care, weeds and pests.

This Online Workshop will last 1 ½ hours and will be held on two dates: September 28th and October 1st., 2022 (the same online workshop) so you don’t miss it.

For more information and price please enter the following link. It is necessary to fill out the form to participate in this workshop.


Soups and meals to stock your fridge (and freezer) with

Mother & Son Family Kitchen Food Delivery Service. We deliver from Tuesday to Sunday, from noon to 5 PM. If you have any allergies or diet restrictions or specifications, please let us know. Your orders are prepared on the day of the delivery.

Please give us a day’s notice to shop and to prepare your order.

Free delivery within the city for orders $30 or more.
WhatsApp 096 322 3377


TexMex and more comfort food and you can store and reheat

Please give us a day’s notice to shop and to prepare your order. Free delivery within the city for orders $30 or more.

WhatsApp 096 322 3377

Southern Fried Chicken Tenders $12 8pcs
Meatloaf $6.50
Chicken Pot Pie $6.50
Shepherds Pie $6.50
Zucchini Lasagna $6.50 *with meat or vegetarian
Cauliflower Ziti $6.50 *with meat or vegetarian
Meatless Loaf $6.50 *Vegan
Breakfast Frittata


Tickets for sale – Saturday movie – Cuenca Car Share

Join me at Sunrise Cafe today or Thursday to purchase your tickets from 9 to 11 AM.

Let’s go to the movies! Cuenca Car Share supporting Cuenca English Lions Club. This time, we will be showing Three Thousand Years of Longing on Saturday, Sep 24th at 10:30 AM at Batan Shopping Center Theater. Be sure to arrive at the theater at least 30 minutes before showtime to get the best seats. come and enjoy comedy, romance, drama and a little science fiction.


Gran Feria at Sisa, September 24

Hello all. The Sisa Gran Feria takes place on the 4th Saturday of each month. There are 21 great vendors, plus the host restaurant has delicious products, and will be open for service.

The location is lovely, right on the Tomebamba river on 3 de Noviembre, next to the broken bridge. Come check it out on Saturday, September 24th, from 10 AM to 1 PM.


Let go of stress! – workshop and dinner at Café San Sebas

Last chance to reserve your seats!
No later than this Wednesday, Sep. 21st.
Don’t miss out on this rewarding, relaxing and connecting dinner event!

Only $40 which includes: A three course dinner, prepared by the excellent chefs of Café San Sebas.

One admission to our raffle – with a chance to win fine prices. For example, a 15% discount to our upcoming 5-day Retreat to De-stress, Relax and Connect. (In a beautiful resort up in the mountains, with Indoor Pool & Jacuzzi and much more!)

A full workshop with Pampamisayoc Qigong on how to relieve anxiety and stress, with the gentle and powerful practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

September 27th, from 4 to 7 PM, $40, San Sebastian 1-94 y Mariscal Sucre On the Corner of Plaza de San Sebastian, Cuenca 010150, Cuenca.

Marco Mortato: 098 777 4743

Death of a Cyclist. A Spanish language film masterpiece

Week after week we have the single best film calendar in Cuenca. Don’t miss this Spanish jewel.

Death of a Cyclist
in Spanish with English Subtitles

Tuesday, September 20th at 6:45 PM
Reservations with dinner are required
Doors open at 5 PM
Book by calling 099 806 8071

About: One of the most important Spanish language films. A must watch for any movie lover. A tale of guilt, infidelity, and blackmail reveals the wide gap between the rich and the poor in Spain, and surveys the corrupt ethics of a society seduced by decadence. A masterpiece.

La Guarida is located at Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta. A few meters from La Cuadra station on the Tranvia Path.

September 20th, from 5 to 10 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar 22-23 y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071

Festival de Culturas Urbanas

Starting Tuesday, 20th of September and settling in Cuenca until the 1st of October, the Festival Culturas Urbanas is an event you don’t want to lose!

For the fifth edition, you can assist freely to various events, such as:

Rap Battle
Breakdance Battle
Concert : Pista urbana.
Talleres of rap writing or breakdance.