Recommendation for Lina Ulloa, attorney – visas

I retained Dra. Ulloa to obtain my permanent visa and was impressed by the professionality and capability of her and her whole office. She handled everything and I only had to supply documents she requested. What’s nice is, included in the fee for obtaining the visa, she will also handle the process for obtaining my new cedula.

For the visa, it took about 2 weeks from the initial Ministerio appointment to having the visa in hand. I especially am pleased after having used a “budget” visa service to obtain my temporary visa 2 years ago with which I encountered nothing but problems and setbacks and excuse making by the provider. Ultimately, due to add-on fees such as translation fees, transportation fees, etc., that service turned out to be more expensive than what I paid Dra. Ulloa.

Her office does translations in-house as part of the fee, and costs of her or employees going to appointments are also included, as are the filing fees, etc.
I highly recommend her!

Address: Ave José Peralta 1-19 Y Ave 12 De Abril Edificio Acrópolis Ofics: 311-312

Contact information: +593 7 410 3588

Recommended by Alex Olivas:
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