$2 bills in Ecuador; some interesting stories


Here in Ecuador, the $2 bills are considered a “good luck amulet”, but, someone has to give you one, as a gift. The “magic” doesn’t work if you receive it as a payment.

Since May 2019, the $2 bills are officially in circulation in Ecuador, when the Ecuadorian government brought some millions of dollars, in order to help the economy of small payments, but, the bills disappear. Actually, in Loja, I never saw one in circulation, only twice in Quito and one in Cuenca.

In mercadolibre.com and some other places, the $2 bills are sold from $3 to $10 each one.

Part of the Ecuadorian “dollarization” history.

Ulises Acosta: ulisesacostac@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca