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Looking to share cost of a partial container coming to Cuenca or Guayaquil

I am in Southern Florida and want to share cost of container to ship some tools, etc. to Ecuador, preferably to Olon or Cuenca.

If you have a few feet of space and are interested, give me a call on 772 486 0030
Also on WhatsApp

Evan Lloyd: 1 772 486 0300. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca
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I need a good seamstress to give one on one sewing lessons. Should be able to speak

Wanting silver US coins

I will buy US silver coins – dimes, quarters, and half dollars, minted 1965 and before. I

Bread machine

Hello, I am looking for a bread machine or something similar – to make some sourdough bread

Got comfrey leaves?

I am looking for some! Will gladly pay you if you can deliver. Susan E Schenck: