Geodesic domes and spheres for sale

We build glamping domes, backyard mother-in-law cabins and man caves. These are custom geodesic structures from 8 to 60 foot in diameter. A 24′ diameter dome (450 sq ft of living space) can be transported in a pickup truck. As a mobile structure, no permit is required. If you are in a rental, they can move with you.

Our spheres have a smaller ecological foot print then any structure we know. These are very light on the land. They don’t require heavy and destructive land clearing and leveling because they can be above the ground on legs with 5 very small pads (feet). Our structures can go places hardly any other structure can. From steep forested hill sides to humid land. These structures are so strong you can suspend them like a Christmas tree ornament ball. These are custom designs, locally built at import prices. 23-foot diameter steel frame (430 square feet) starts at $1,400

Prices for a completed structure start at $3,500.

Michael: 099 800 1002.

City: Cuenca

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