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Let’s go to the movies! Cuenca Car Share supporting Cuenca English Lions Club. This time, we will be showing Three Thousand Years of Longing on Saturday, Sep 24th at 10:30 AM at Batan Shopping Center Theater. Be sure to arrive at the theater at least 30 minutes before showtime to get the best seats. come and enjoy comedy, romance, drama and a little science fiction.

For this movie, 50% of proceeds go to the Lions Club service projects: Vision, Hunger, Environment, Diabetes, and Pediatric Cancer.
Tickets are non-refundable since we paid for your seat and we count on you.

Tickets for each movie are $7. These will be sold at Sunrise Café on the dates listed below.

Sunrise Cafe in downtown Cuenca: Tuesday, September 20th from 9 to 11 AM.
Thursday, September 22nd, 9 to 11 AM

You can also reserve your tickets and pay at the door by contacting us at Cuenca Car Share.

Email if you would like to be added to the movie group. Do not comment on this post to be added, email me.

Cuenca Car Share your key to exploring Ecuador.

Saturday, Sept 24th, 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM, $7, Remigio Crespo y Santa Cruz, Batan Shopping, Cuenca., Cuenca.

Emilio Morocho: cuencacarshare@gmail.com 098 699 5694

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