La Korda: tango, jazz, Argentinian folk – live tonight

Tonight, Kultura – the German cultural network in Ecuador and the University of Cuenca present a spectacular concert in one of the finest event locations in Cuenca.

If you love music, don’t miss this great opportunity!

From Weill to Piazzolla
The new performance of La Korda Dúo (piano and violin) interprets compositions of Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992 Argentina) and Kurt Weill (1900-1950 Germany/USA).

The concert is an experience that takes the audience on a journey through the different works of these great masters of the 20th century, developing an imaginary journey through different cultures, leading the audience to be moved by each part of the concert.

The program is designed for the general public, from children to the elderly; the musical language used covers different genres at different times; the show uses dynamic visual-musical elements.

About the duo:
La Korda is an Argentine duo in electroacoustic format. It crosses Latin American music, tango, Argentine folk music, jazz and melodies from different parts of the world. In their arrangements and improvisations, the violinist, Víctor Renaudeau, and the pianist and keyboardist, Matías Chapiro, recreate and fuse melodies from different composers and diverse musical styles with great sensitivity, virtuosity and originality. The duo was formed in 2011 and, since then, has given more than 300 concerts, has made three Latin American tours (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Panama and Costa Rica) and a European tour (Paris, Vienna, Warsaw and Krakow) and has performed at different festivals, including the World Music Panama and the International Piano Festival in Bucaramanga. In 2013, they recorded their first album, Coquette, at ION studios, and in 2018, Surco, at Fort Music studios, both in Buenos Aires.

With their new program, From Weill to Piazzolla, they now build a musical and intercultural bridge between Germany and Latin America and pay homage to these two composers so characteristic of their respective countries.

“[…] virtuosity and feeling […] Chapiro and Renaudeau show themselves not only as highly technically gifted musicians, but also as owners of surprising expressiveness.” (ArgentJazz)

Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz, 16th September 2022, 8 PM, free, Av. 12 de Abril, Cuenca.

Thomas Klatte: 099 835 3351

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